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Do you remember when being over 70 years was considered old? Now, it’s not necessarily the case. Statistics show that one in seven women and one in twelve men will live to celebrate their 100th birthday. Instead of shopping for canes, people in their 70’s are running for President. In fact, people in their 70s are running marathons! People are skiing into their 80s, and jumping out of planes in their 90s. Seriously. Because we are living longer, it is even more important to take care of our bodies.

We have made tremendous medical advancements in replacing or rejuvenating body…

Could change your life

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As we transition into nicer weather, it’s harder to lean on excuses not to exercise. The pandemic gave us the perfect reason to slack off. Gyms and studios closed, and we were instructed to distance socially. If you relied on classes for inspiration, it took more effort to commit and take part virtually. If your routine included walking with a neighbor, you may have reconsidered getting together during COVID.

People did it!

In fact, many people commit to get in shape during lockdown because they could. More time, boredom, and free coaching on the web motivated people that may not…

You can and should prevent and treat osteoporosis conservatively

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You don’t need me to convince you that exercise is good for you. Or how maintaining a base level of fitness reduces your risk of injury, heart disease and falls. I won’t tell you how regular exercise improves energy levels, quality of sleep and helps fight depression. Instead, I’ll tell you that exercise is the single best conservative step you can take to protect your bones.

And you want strong bones, right?!

It is estimated that 1 in 2 women and 1 in 4 men will suffer an osteoporosis related fracture in their lifetime. For women, that number exceeds the…

Perhaps. But we can limit its impact by the way we breathe.

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I hate wearing a face mask.

It itches. it makes me feel claustrophobic. And it’s just one more thing I have to deal with. “Where is my mask?!”, “Ugh, I forgot my mask!”, “Dang, I broke my mask!”….

I know I’m not alone. No matter how cute or clever the design, who likes to wear these things?!


But we wear it anyway. We wear it because it reduces the risk of spreading COVID, most states require it, and, knowing what we know, it’s the responsible thing to do in enclosed public places.

In addition to the fact that wearing a mask is uncomfortable, there are health consequences.

These are (possibly):

1) Reduced airflow. There…

Lessons learned from a former insomniac

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“The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep”

Matthew Walker, PhD

I love to sleep. In fact, whenever I plan a trip, I make sure there will be ample opportunity to get a good night’s sleep! When planning travel (pre-pandemic), I would read all the reviews to make sure my room was not near a bar or a noisy street. I wasn’t always this persnickety, but after suffering the debilitating effects of insomnia for many years, sleep has become a priority.

Most people go through a phase in life where…

Cold weather shouldn’t deter you from exercising.

Me cross country skiing

The cold winter months can be a tough time of year if you love the outdoors, but don’t love how cold weather makes you feel. If you have osteoarthritis, you may think twice before exercising outside because you fear a flare-up. Joint pain can debilitate, and arthritic joints don’t always respond well to the cold. If you are proactive, you can stay fit and ease the pain of arthritis so you enjoy the cold weather, not dread it.

The simplest way to relieve joint pain may be counterintuitive. Arthritic pain is best managed by activity. Movement increases circulation in and…

Before it controls you.

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Our nervous systems respond to what we read

Most of us try to take good care of our health. We limit processed food and eat fruits and vegetables because we know they are good for us. What about what we put into our minds? Shouldn’t we limit the junk we take in from the internet?

It’s been a rough year.

Many of us had to reorganize our lives to deal with our new reality in light of the pandemic. During the first lockdown, I was a victim of the rabbit hole called social media — clicking here, clicking there, watching a video, liking a…

Why I Choose To Walk Alone

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“The only way to understand a land is to walk it. The only way to drink in its real meaning is to keep it firmly beneath one’s feet… Only the walker can form the wider view” Sinclair McKay

I have always enjoyed walking

During the five years I lived in New York City, I covered almost every square inch of that city by foot. If the weather was bad, or I had far to go, I would take the subway or a bus which still required a bit of walking. For such a busy place, walking alone gave me a sense of solitude. When I…

Christine Carr

I am a physical therapist by trade, a yoga therapist by desire and a human by default. I write about what interests me — the body, yoga and life.

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